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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wow, it's been a while

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I last published on this blog. So much has happened I can't begin to remember it all. Jave and I got married in June 2013. He will be a citizen early next year. We've travelled a lot. Most notably, to London and Paris in 2015. It was a great two-week trip. Arrived in London and stayed in Soho for a week. Attended their Pride celebration. Saw all the tourist spots and even took a trip to Stonehenge. Brought back a love for English tea. After London, we took the train, via the Chunnel, to Paris. It's so beautiful and is now our favorite city. I had been there once before, so it was nice to see Jave's reaction to it all. We saw all the tourist spots, and really loved it all even though it was the hottest heat wave they had had in decades. It was 103 degrees on the hottest day, when we visited Versailles. We loved it all and can't wait to go back. Beyond all that, Jave has been through a lot of turmoil at work, changing jobs, litigation, drama. He's going through it now again and it really stresses me out. He is very depressed and anxious and it's affecting him quite negatively. Not sure how it's going to turn out, but I hope it's a good result. He still wants to move somewhere, probably NYC. I do to, but can't go anywhere until I retire in a few years. Then we're free to live where we want.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scenes from Key West Pride 2012 on PhotoPeach

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goodbye Nanny.

I lost my grandmother last year the last week of October. I received the call on a Tuesday morning that she had died in her sleep. It was a relief, even though it was sad. She was not having a good life. She had had lots of mini strokes, which are common for elderly folks. Thankfully, she had been denied Medicaid and was staying with my mom. It was a blessing because she was able to die at home with family who loved her. I'll miss her, but I'll always remember the last time I saw her alive. It was the prior Sunday. I'd go to mom's for lunch on Sundays. As I left that day, I remember telling her I loved her. I think she said it back to me. We said that alot to each other over the years, especially the final years. She knew I loved her and I know she loved me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I'm slacking on keeping up my blog. guess it speaks well for my social life since I can't seem to find the time.
So what has happened since I last posted. Jave has been living with me since January. It's not going too well right now. He doesn't seem to care about anyone but himself. Other people's feelings are unimportant. I'm not sure why he's this way, but it's annoying.
I don't know how much longer he'll be living with me. He doesn't seem all that happy. He's begun a Master's program online with American College of Education. He wants to be a principal. This takes up alot of time and he's in his room constantly. It's almost like living alone again.
We done quite a bit in the past few months. The highlights are our trip to Pensacola for Memorial day; our trip to DC for the 4th and many parties (well, two or three) where we sang karaoke.
I had always been afraid to sing in front of ppl till I realized most ppl suck as bad as I do. Now I think it's fun. I haven't tried it in a bar and may not, but at home in front of a small group is great. I even bought my own karaoke microphone.
That's all I'm going to write for now. I'm tired.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey there

Just wanted to catch up on my blog since I've not been posting here lately. I've been so busy. The past few months have flown by.
I met a new friend on Nov. 14, 2008 at 3:30 PM. We met in the steam room at the Y. His name is Jave and he is from the Philippines.
I must say I really enjoy Jave's company. From the beginning he struck me as someone with a great personality. He's smart, philosophically deep, very friendly and affectionate, and he's beautiful.
We started out dating, but it has morphed into a close friendship. I hope it morphs into a long term relationship, but he is hesitant to make any commitments b/c he has big plans for himself. He'd like to move to the big city and become successful.
I'm not sure quite how I feel. It's bittersweet, our connection.
Anyway, we have a great time together and we have plans for the time he is in Baton Rouge. I'll show him his first Mardi Gras, to include the SpanishTown parade. We'll attend the events in Pensacola for Memorial Day. I'll bring him to see Festival Internationale in Lafayette, always a good time there.
I'm going to try to enjoy the time I have with him and not worry about what is to come. That is, after all, all I can really do.
I just hope no matter what happens that we remain as close as we are today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New York trip

My trip to NYC this year was an eventful, fun time. I arrived in Manhattan, from LaGuardia, at around Noon on Friday, Oct. 10th. I got there before Susie, so I checked in and went on a trek around the Chelsea neighborhood to find some food. I found a small pizza place, one of many, and sat down to eat my slice. It was a big slice, but thin and crisp, with mounds of ground meat and dollops of ricotta and marinara. Not bad.

Susie arrived around 1:30 and we dropped off her luggage as our room wouldn’t be ready till around 3. We found her a slice and had a conversation. Walked the neighborhood till 3 and found our room on the first floor of the Hotel Chelsea to be full of character (i.e. old and not updated). The room was large with two double beds, and a small kitchen. It looked out over an alley next to a residential building with balconies and window unit air conditioners. There was a deck below, where residents must enjoy a little outdoor privacy in the middle of the large metropolis.

That night we had tickets to see the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. On the way to the show we ate at the Brooklyn diner (see Saturday for the results of that dinner). I had chicken wings with celery and sour cream/gornanzolla dip. I was excited to see the show, as I had seen previews during the Tony’s. I was looking forward to seeing Megan Mulolly, but I would learn later she was no longer in the show. The show was still very good and funny. The many drinks may have helped. Our next stop was Sardi’s. We had enjoyed our time there last year and wanted a new experience. We had drinks and met up with a ‘producer’ and his friend. They were very enjoyable folks. Robert K. Bloom (he was emphatic about the K in his name) and Sal were affable fellows and Robert seemed quite interested in Susie. Sal and I had a nice conversation while Robert and Susie talked politics. Sal told me all about his occupation as a freelance writer for technical magazines.

We closed the place and they all but kicked us out. So we went to a bar on 46th street called Don’t Tell Momma. It was a nice little bar on restaurant row as the locals call it. The schtik was that the employees all sing. It was like a karaoke bar, but the singing is done mostly by the waitresses and bartenders. They were very good, like aspiring entertainers. Susie appeared to be falling asleep, so I dragged her to a cab and headed back to Chelsea.

When we got back to the hotel, we noticed the bar in the basement was packed with mostly men, techno pouring from the door below the street, the noise easily heard in the lobby and in our first floor room. Susie, who makes friends very easily, spoke to the man at the hotel front desk and he was more than happy to get us in the booming bar downstairs. We didn’t stay long. Susie fell down and the beers we bought were $8 a piece. I went back to the room while Susie stayed at the hotel desk to talk to her new friend.

Saturday was a horrible mess. I must have eaten something the day before that gave me food poisoning. I woke up before dawn and threw up all day until around 4. I really felt like I was going to die. All our plans for that day were shot down. No NBC tour, no Beatles lunch, no heavy metal Bee Gees tribute.

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday. We hit the road early and walked thru the West Village, Soho(bought a belt at Yellow Rat Bastard shop), Little Italy and Nolita. I fell in love with Little Italy. So many restaurants and I was still feeling queasy from the night before. I could only stomach a wonderful Tiramisu and iced cappuccino from Cafee Palermo, where 90 percent of the menu was desserts. Further up the road in Nolita we happened upon a benefit showing of John Lennon’s art. We donated $20 and checked out the very expensive art that was for sale. We bought T-shirts.

We then went on a hunt for CBGB’s. It was fruitless. The locals advised us that the legendary place had closed completely a year before. So, we stopped at Slainte’s, an Irish bar and grill, to have a drink and watch the Saints win against the Raiders. Then back to the room to prepare for the Madonna concert.

The Madonna concert was nice. I was surprised at how good my seats were. I had floor seats. The stage had a catwalk, where Madonna and her dancers would spend much of the night. In front of the catwalk was the VIP section, the first three rows. Behind the VIP section was a walkway, maybe 6 feet wide, with a steel gate-like barricade behind it. I sat on the first row behind the barricade and 20 seats to the right of the VIP section, if you are facing the stage. I saw three celebrities in the VIP section; Chelsea Clinton, Kelly Rippa and Lindsey Lohan.

It was a wonderful show. Madonna played many of her most famous songs. Into The Groove, Ray of Light, Like a Prayer, a rock version of Borderline (who knew she could play the electric guitar?), La Isla Bonita. I really enjoyed it. And I met two nice guys, one from Houston (Matt) and one from NYC (can't remember his name). The concert was supposed to begin at 8 PM, but she started it at 9:30 and it ended about two hours later. I trekked back to the hotel room but Susie was asleep.

The next morning we went to 66th street to try and get tickets to The View. We were issued stand by tickets and had breakfast as we waited to hear if we’d be let in. Unfortunately, the show was full and no one on standby was let in. So, we hit 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage. Then to the airport and back home. It was a fun trip. Even with Saturday being a total loss, it was worth it.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh the horror

Gustav sucked, but the aftermath was worse. At least the wind was blowing during the storm. Now my power has been out for 9 days and it's freakin' hot. I'm having to stay at my mom's and that's no day in the park.
My house always seems to be the last to get power back. I think it's a conspiracy.
And now every time I turn on the TV I am blasted with that awful Fargo-accent coming from that extreme right-wing radical evangelical nutjob who is running as McCain's VP pick. How can ppl see anything good in that awful person. She has tried to ban books in Alaska and fired the librarian when she wouldn't comply. She's an extreme anti-gay bigot. And by the way I resent my friends who vote for ppl like that. It's like they just ignore that she would do awful things to gay ppl if she ever became president.
She's such a liar too. She claims that she refused pork barrel projects for Alaska, but if you just look it up you'd see that she is lying to the American public. And she's a member of an organization that wants to succeed from the US.
Gosh, I hope they lose. I couldn't stand to listen to that horrible woman for another 8 or 16 years. YUCK!!!